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DSCN0160Kaja: Ever since I can remember, I enjoyed travelling and discovering new countries, cultures and meeting new people. As I child I started discovering the world with my family and later with friends and through a voluntary organization that I really love – CISV International and, of course, with Alen.

I enjoy all types of travel, especially discovering the different landscapes, nature, countryside, small villages and hidden corners by motorbike, as well as discovering the secrets of cities, urban areas, world-famous attractions and more or less touristic places.

As long as I can explore and travel, I do not care whether I’m doing it on foot, by plane, motorbike, car, train or with local public transport. I like exploring new places and meeting new people, their culture, history, lifestyle, cuisine and observe the similarities and differences between our and their lives.

DSCN4310Alen: My history of motor biking began at the age of fourteen, when we were still able to pass the drivers test for motorbike in the end primary school. That’s the time I can say that I became more independent and mobile. Most of us had Tomos automatic motorbikes, APN6, and even some ATX could be found. Later various scooters began to appear. Registration of such motorbikes was not required and not many people knew about the homologation, let alone different kinds of adjustments. Some APN6 motorbikes reached speeds over 100 km/h. That might have been the first time I felt the desire to ride a motorbike and explore the world on two wheels.

I never found travelling from A to B and back to A very attractive or interesting. I am sure they also have their charm, but why wouldn’t every adventure began at home? That excitement and thrill, when you have to prepare the motorbike for a longer journey, packing and making a selection of the things to take with you, a constant thought “what have I forgotten” in the back of the mind, taking care of different papers and documentation and so on.

That genuine excitement with a little fear and thoughts “hopefully everything will be okay” begin when you sit on the bike and immerse yourself in a new adventure. Naturally there are also moments when you’re cold and don’t feel your fingers, when you’re far from home and you get soaked from the rain, when you’re sweating like crazy in your full-on biking clothes (and to make things better, you get stuck in a traffic jam!), or when you’re somewhere far away from home on the road already quite desperate and all you have is a companion, the motorbike and luggage and so on. Yeah, that’s the charm of travelling with a motorbike that I would not change for anything in this world. Driving the bike gives me a sense of freedom, it represents a way of exploring and discovering the world and the best way to travel. It’s true what they say – driving a motorbike is a way of life.

DSCN3869Together, we enjoy on journeys, especially those by motorbike, where the whole journey is an interesting adventure. You are able to enjoy from the first moment when you leave home. On the beautiful sunny weekends there is nothing better than to sit on the bike and sail into the unknown, while the plan for the day spontaneously develops. We would probably never do that by car. We have discovered many beautiful places in our country, but there are still many unexplored interesting little parts of our country and the world left for us to explore. And we’re looking forward to that!


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