One of the one-day trips, which often take is a trip to mountain Mangart. Mangart is 2,679 meters tall and is the fourth highest mountain in Slovenia. The road to get there leads through Bovec, continues past the fortress Kluže and through little charming villages of Log pod Mangartom and Strmec.

To get to Mangart, you follow the road through Strmec and one and a half kilometer before the pass Predel you drive over a long bridge and turn right. There is a 12-kilometer long road, which leads past huts on the Mangart saddle and ends just below Mangart Saddle (2,072 m). If you drive past the turnoff, drive to the ruins of the fortress Kluže and the famous statue of a lion. The lion statue represents the memory of the battle between the Napoleonic troops and the Austrian defenders. If you find yourself here, it’s worth a little stop to explore the remains of the fortress, cemetery and memorial.

Mangart Mangart

In the beginning of the 12-kilometre road there’s a small parking lot and a sign that tells you whether the road is open or closed. When there is too much snow or bad weather the road is closed. After a few kilometres there is a little tool booth. The toll is just symbolic, as it amounts to only a few euros.

The road is narrow and winding, but the landscape is beautifully green and Alpine. At the top of the mountain there is a parking lot where you can park and then walk through the flat part or to the mountains. From here you can enjoy in wonderful views in all directions. It’s quite common to see sheep on the slopes and on the road, so drive slowly and carefully.

Mangart Mangart Mangart Mangart

So once you’re done with exploring Mangart, you can see some sights that are very close. You can stop at the Predel fortress, or you can drive to the Predel pass, on top of which is also the border with Italy, or descend into the valley on the Italian side of the hill and relax by the wonderful Rabelj lake (Lago di Predil). If you want to see a slightly bigger, charming old Apline town, you should stop in the nearby Tarvisio (Tarvisio). On the Slovenian side of Predel, on the road leading to Bovec, you should stop to see the Fortress Kluže, which is an interesting historic sight. There are also information boards, where you can read about it or take a guided tour inside the fortress.

This trip to Mangart and its surroundings is a pleasant, subdued variant when you need a more relaxing trip, enjoy a little nature, Alpine atmosphere and breathtaking views.


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